Bang My Stepmom Presents: Melanie Monroe

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Melanie Monroe has gorgeous tits and legs that say spread me and Ralph Long is going to oblige. Showing her perfect breasts she grabs for his hardened cock. Sucking on the tip he moans with pleasure. On her knees sucking him off he undoes her thong to expose her wet pussy. Turning her around he probes her depths with his swollen sword. In the house she sucks his wang and mounts his steel like rod and rides him hard. Turning around for more pleasure she moans as she thrusts it deep into her cunt. Her turn and he licks her clit into a frenzy of pleasure. Plunging his cock deep into her from all sides he succumbs and finally blows his wad!

Bang My Stepmom Presents: Persia Pele

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Persia Pele is a lonely slut that wants more cock, and her stepson gets to provide it! At the bar in their home she comes on to him and the next thing you know she is sucking his cock. Her deep throating of his stiff tool turns him on and he returns the favor by licking her juicy pussy. Standing doggy style she presents her moist cunt for him to slam his meat into. Continuing in the bedroom she rides him like a cowgirl. On her back they vary the positions till they end up missionary style. Rubbing it off his seed lands on her chest!

Bang My Stepmom Presents: Rachel Love

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Our well-meaning son is concerned that his stepmom is cheating on his dad. Unfortunately he can’t prove it without evidence. So he decides to set her up himself and confront her. First he sets up a hidden camera in his bedroom then starts jerking off while waiting for her to barge in. When Rachel Love finally goes in there and sees his hands running up and down his swollen cock, she gets so horny that she opens her mouth wide and starts to suck him off. She whips her big tits out and wraps them around his pecker, and then has him spread her stocking covered legs wide open to plow her MILF pussy until he cums on her big round tits. Now he’s got the proof he needs to get her kicked out of the house for good!

Bang My Stepmom Presents: Dylan Ryder

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Dylan Ryder is a hot stepmom, who accidentally walks in on her stepson masturbating. She gets so turned on by what she sees that she strips off her robe to reveal sexy lingerie. Shocked, Will Powers is defenseless as his stepmom throws her mouth onto his dick. She takes his massive shaft down her throat, sucking his cock until it is firm enough and ready to fuck her pussy. He starts to nail her tight twat, throwing her in many positions until her MILF cum is slathered all over his dick. After, she takes his rod into her mouth and he paints her tongue with his warm jizz. Sure hope dad doesn’t taste it later when he kisses mom!

Bang My Stepmom Presents: Bridgett

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Bridgett has been married 3 times and she is really in love with her new husband who pampers her. The only problem is that she has sexual feelings for her new stepson. She fantasizes about having sex with her stepson and wonders what he would be like in bed. Mark also fantasizes about being with his stepmom, even though he doesn’t want to disrespect his dad. One day when the two of them were home alone, Bridgett asked to see her stepson’s tattoos. He had to take off some of his clothes to show her. And since his clothes came off anyway, hers came off too and they started to bang on his father’s couch!

Bang My Stepmom Presents: Kitti

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Kitti just got married to a new man that she loves and has incredible sex with. However her new stepson has just moved in with them and he’s younger and even more attractive, and Kitti finds herself having feelings for him. She confesses that every time she has sex with her husband, she thinks about his son instead. One day as they were home alone, Kitti was wearing a shirt that showed off her nice cleavage and she couldn’t resist the urge anymore. She began to seduce her stepson as she went down to suck his cock. He gave his stepmom a good banging on the couch as he fucked her in the high energy way that only a younger man could deliver!

Bang My Stepmom Presents: Bunny

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Jenner is a younger guy who still sponges off his father. Now that his father has been remarried, the new wife is urging the son to get his life together and stop being so lazy. Jenner wants to sabotage their marriage so that he can stay living there rent free. Bunny is sick of the son living there and she wants to make an agreement that she will sleep with him if he’ll move out. So she starts to seduce her stepson and he reluctantly agrees to fuck his stepmother, even though they both know it’s wrong. She goes down and wraps her lips around his cock and then he gives her a banging like she’s never had before!

Bang My Stepmom Presents: Monique Fuentes

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Ever since Ace’s dad met Monique Fuentes in Colombia and brought her back to America as his wife, he’s always had a thing for his stepmom. “She’s got that whole spanish thing going and her body is tight,” says Ace. Monica secretly had her own crush too, and one day after seeing some of Ace’s plumber butt, she got all hot and horny and decided to show Ace exactly what she’s packing underneath those clothes. Watch as Ace licks his stepmom’s beautifully shaved pussy before getting her to suck his big black dick in the kitchen. Then enjoy as her round Colombian ass bounces for the camera as she rides Ace’s schlong on the couch. Monique takes it doggy, then missonary and finish her stepson off with some killer oral that leads to a fantastic facial!

Bang My Stepmom Presents: Holly Halston

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Holly Halston is the type of milf that you would see in your wildest wet dreams. She has these big, perky tits, long legs, and blond hair that goes down her back. She just loves to show off her gorgeous body for the camera, which makes her yet an even more desirable milf to have around. David Loso is counting his lucky stars that he gets to slam a piece of ass like this – there is nothing like milf pussy to make your year, and he gives it to her like no other woman before. She is shaking and moaning at the end of this milf porno!

Bang My Stepmom Presents: Victoria

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What a dilemma 25 year old Eric finds himself in. His father has just remarried knock out Victoria Valentino and all he can thing about is banging her himself. She is young, with a tiny waist a perfect ass and huge natural boobs.She is always around and Eric has even found himself unable to talk to her without jacking off. After a month of avoiding her he finds himself alone with her. She is unhappy about the fact that his dad is away on business a lot and decides to get to know her knew stepson a little better.She seduces him in sexy lingerie allowing him to fondle her huge tits before fucking him like he’s never been screwed before!